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CEREC Crowns – Vienna, VA

Restore Your Tooth in Just One Day

If you needed to get a dental crown in the past, you had to get a messy impression taken, spend several weeks with an often uncomfortable temporary, and schedule another visit with the dentist. Thanks to CEREC one-visit crowns in Vienna, that hassle is entirely eliminated.

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic. All that means is that these crowns are made of pressed ceramics. They can be created in just one hour-long visit to our office. You no longer have to book two appointments and wear a plastic temporary crown since you can get yours on the same day! If you think you could benefit from a CEREC crown, contact us to schedule a consultation.

Why Choose Tyson Smiles for CEREC Crowns?

  • Crowns Created and Placed in Just One Visit
  • Digital Impression System Available
  • Tooth-Colored Materials for Natural Aesthetics

Am I a Candidate for CEREC Crowns?

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If you have ever been told in the past that you’re in need of a dental crown, then you would most likely be a good candidate for CEREC same-day crowns in Vienna. These restorations are ideal for patients with teeth that are broken or severely decayed to the point that not even a filling could heal it. CEREC crowns can also be used to correct cosmetic imperfections in your smile. The porcelain material from which they’re made perfectly mimics natural tooth enamel, allowing the crown to blend right in with the rest of your smile.

The CEREC Process

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After your consultation with Dr. Barakat, your trusted dentist in Vienna, getting your CEREC crown takes just one appointment. First, we will prepare your tooth so that the crown fits snugly over it. Next, we’ll use a tiny digital camera to take detailed 3D impressions of your prepped tooth. The computer will then design the perfect model for your restoration. An attached milling machine will carve a perfect replica to construct a crown out of a single block of pressed ceramic. This process takes about an hour. Once it’s done, Dr. Barakat will firmly attach the crown to your tooth, and you should be good to go!

Benefits of CEREC Crowns

CEREC milling machine

CEREC crowns offer a multitude of advantages over traditional crowns, such as:

  • Impressions are taken digitally without the need for that messy, putty-like substance.
  • The whole process only takes one hour-long visit to our office. You won’t have to take time out of your busy life to schedule two appointments.
  • CEREC’s milling machine is able to perfectly recreate the design of your tooth from the highly accurate images captured by the digital camera.
  • There is no longer any need for a temporary crown, which may be uncomfortable and can get easily damaged by hard or sticky foods.
  • If you take good care of your CEREC crown with daily brushing and flossing, it can last upwards of 10-15 years.