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Braces – Vienna, VA

Achieve a Healthier, Straighter Smile

Having gaps, crowding, and generally misaligned teeth can all negatively impact your self-esteem. Additionally, crooked teeth are harder to keep clean, increasing your risk of developing serious oral health problems down the road. Fortunately, braces in Vienna, VA can solve both of these problems. If you’re sick and tired of your misaligned teeth hindering your quality of life, just give us a call today!

Why Choose Tyson Smiles for Braces? 

  • Able to Treat Severe Cases of Dental Misalignment
  • Achieve a Perfectly Straight and Healthy Smile
  • Saturday Appointments Available

How Braces Work

girl pointing to her braces in Vienna

Over the course of 12-24 months on average, braces use brackets, wires, and rubber bands to gradually move the teeth and jaw into their proper alignment. Metal brackets are placed on the front of each tooth, with an archwire threaded through them. Sometimes, if the top and bottom jaw need to be adjusted, rubber bands may be worn to shift them into the correct position. Throughout the course of your treatment, you’ll need to visit us to adjust the wires and bands as needed. Modern advancements in orthodontics in Vienna have made wearing braces and getting them adjusted more comfortable than ever before.

Am I a Good Candidate for Braces?

girl with braces seeing dentist in Vienna

We highly recommend traditional braces to treat a number of orthodontic issues that are too severe for Invisalign, such as:

  • Severely misaligned bite, like overbite, underbite, or crossbite
  • Overcrowded or severely gapped teeth
  • Bite alignment for kids and young teens who have not undergone early orthodontics intervention
  • Orthodontic treatment for patients who need advanced realignment treatment and who have enough time in their schedule to devote to frequent adjustment appointments
  • Treatment for serious TMJ dysfunction that makes eating, speaking, and even smiling painful or impossible

Benefits of Braces

girl with braces wearing scarf and crossing her arms

Getting your teeth straightened with traditional braces provides a whole host of benefits, including:

  • Better oral health. Aligned teeth are much easier to keep clean, decreasing your risk of cavities and gum disease.
  • Proven results. For decades, braces have been the gold standard for treating misaligned teeth. That’s because they’ve been proven time and again to work.
  • Help for moderate to severe cases. For those whose teeth are too severely crooked to use Invisalign, braces provide an excellent way to still achieve a healthier, straighter smile.
  • Ideal for younger patients. Kids and young teens may forget or neglect to wear Invisalign aligners as much as they should. Because braces are bonded to the teeth, treatment is guaranteed to work 24/7.

Tips for Everyday Life with Braces

boy pointing to his mouth with braces

In order to avoid any problems with your braces, stick to the following tips:

  • Don’t eat any foods that could break or get stuck in your brackets, such as popcorn, chunky peanut butter, nuts, chewing gum, or chewy candies like caramel.
  • Eat foods like chewy breads, fruits, and vegetables in small bites.
  • Brush your teeth after each meal and snack to remove food particles from your brackets.
  • Before brushing, rinse your mouth with water to dislodge any bits of food.
  • Floss at least once a day, taking care to thread the floss under your wire as well.
  • Avoid chewing on pencils, fingernails, or other hard objects.
  • Carry orthodontic wax with you in case the brackets or wires irritate the soft tissue in your mouth.
  • See your dentist in Vienna as scheduled for adjustments.