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Advanced Dental Technology – Vienna, VA

Enhance Your Next Dental Visit

When you visit the dentist, does it ever feel like you’ve just stepped back in time? While an old-fashioned look isn’t necessarily a bad thing, Tyson Smiles wants to make you feel like you’re receiving treatments that are backed by the latest techniques and technology. When you visit Dr. Barakat for an appointment, you’re bound to feel like you’re getting care that is truly advanced and comprehensive, and having the right technology plays a major role in this process.

Intraoral Camera

Dentist capturing intraoral images

It can feel alienating to not be able to see exactly what the dentist sees during your detailed exam. If you’re someone who needs to see things in order to believe them, the intraoral camera at our dental office is sure to make your visit far more insightful and interactive. This small, handheld device is equipped with a tiny camera, making it easy to pinpoint specific areas of the mouth and display them onto a nearby monitor for your convenience.

Digital X-Rays

Woman receiving 3D CT scan

X-rays are an extremely important part of confirming dental issues that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye. While X-rays of the past would have been time-consuming, digital X-rays ensure that we get detailed images of your oral structures quickly, all while dramatically reducing your exposure to radiation in the process. In fact, going digital helps us reduce exposure by up to 85 percent! We’ll always make sure to take all necessary safety precautions prior to performing your X-rays.

CT/Cone Beam Scanner

Man receiving 3D CT scan

In some cases, digital X-rays do not give us enough information to perform a certain treatment, particularly dental implants. Performing a complex treatment like this requires a 3D image of your jaw and all the most vulnerable areas of your mouth, such as your nerves, blood vessels, and bone tissue. With the CT Cone Beam Scanner from Sirona, we can capture a detailed cross-section of your mouth and jaw in just a few minutes and we don’t even need to send you to another dental office to do it!

Digital Impressions

Dentist capturing digital impressions

If you’ve ever had a dental crown placed, you’re likely aware of the process and how cumbersome it can actually be for patients. Instead of biting into a gray impression mold and waiting two weeks to have a dental crown placed, Dr. Barakat simply uses a digital impression system known as Dexis. This technology makes your dental experience much more comfortable and easier overall, regardless of the treatment we use it for.

Soft Tissue Laser

Patient receiving laser dentistry treatment

While metal dental tools are typically used to perform common dental tasks, advancements in dentistry have made it much easier to perform even complex dental treatments in a way that is more comfortable than ever before. With a soft tissue laser, we can clear away infected gum tissue with greater ease and precision, remove harmful plaque, and do so all without using local anesthetic in most cases. It’s one of the most effective ways to experience the future of dentistry today!